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Getting Funds

How to get funds from your allocation:

The department chief must identify who from the department is authorized to request funds.  Generally, this would be the chief or treasurer, but the chief can appoint anyone.  It must be one primary person and an alternate.  The chief will send an email to identifying the authorized people.

The authorized person will submit a payment request via  email and attached the required documentation.    Alternately, the authorized person can mail a request for payment (attached) and the required documentation to John Gantt at 905 Shady Lane Corsicana, TX 75109. All requests must be received via the email or postmarked by May 31, 2022.

All requests will be reviewed for qualification for payment under the program before payments are made.


There are two ways to get payments made.

  1. Payments can be made directly from the Association to a vendor. Submit a payment request via email and check the box “Direct Pay Company”. Include with that request the invoice from the vendor.  A PO will be generated, and a check sent to the vendor for approved requests. Be sure the invoice shows what company to make the check to and where to send the check. If the vendor can accept online debit card payments, we can also use that payment type.

  2. The department can pay the vendor directly and then submit a request for reimbursement from their grant allocation. Submit a payment request via email. Check the box “Reimburse Department”. Include with that request the invoice from the vendor.  A PO will be generated, and a check sent to the department for approved requests. You must include a copy of the cancelled check used to pay the vendor, just like you do with Texas Forest Service.


Important Note: If you are not sure if your purchase will be eligible under the program, call John Gantt at (817) 832-0141 and get verification.  If the purchase does not qualify under the grant, we will not be able to reimburse the department.


In general, you must have received the goods and services that are being paid for before a payment is made. If you have a special case, contact John Gantt for verification.

CLICK on an icon below to download the form to print.

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