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To be in Good Standing with NCVFA per our SOG, a member department must have paid their annual dues and attended NCVFA meetings as required by the SOGs.

The amount of each department’s allocation is posted on the NCVFA website under Request Grant. As funds are spent by a department the remain balance will be displayed on the this page.

All funds must be spent and/or invoices submitted by November 10, 2023. Unspent department allocations will revert to a common fund of NCVFA after that and used for Association approved county-wide expenses/purchases.

Eligible Expenses than can be paid for with Grant funds:

Virtually anything that you can hold in your hand that is not considered a consumable.

Example of ineligible consumable expenses:

  • Fuel

  • General periodic maintenance such as oil changes

  • Meals

  • Training

  • Loan payments


Examples of eligible expenses – note this is not an all-inclusive list:

  • Equipment

    • PPE

    • Clothing – including department t-shirts and uniforms

    • Hose

    • Radios

    • Nozzles and Valves

    • Pumps

    • Lights, both handheld and apparatus mounted

  • Vehicle Repairs

    • Replace or repair the pump

    • Replace or repair the transmission or engine

    • Replace tires

    • Mechanical repairs (ex. replace fender, straighten bumper)

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